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Burdi’s Full Feature List

Ways to Get Bills into Burdi

Unique Mail Address

Ask your supplier to email your bills directly to your unique Burdi email address.

Photo Upload

Snap a photo of your receipts and send through to your unique Burdi email address.

File Upload

Drag and drop your bills into Burdi from your browser.

Forward Emails

Re-direct or forward your existing supplier emails to your unique Burdi email address.

Data Extraction

From Documents

Burdi instantly and accurately extracts product codes, descriptions, quantity, price (including or excluding GST) and freight from any invoice from anywhere.

From Image Files

Burdi’s smart scanner can also read image-based documents (such as a photo of a receipt).

Accurate Accounts

Invoice Checking

Burdi will compare the sum of each line item with the invoice subtotal to ensure accuracy.

Go Paperless

Burdi will securely store copies of all of your invoices for peace of mind.

Rule Based Coding

Assign account and tax codes to individual products, suppliers or invoices which Burdi will then remember for your next purchase.

Review Invoices

Review your invoices and make any adjustments before exporting to your accounting and job management software.

Price Management

Automatic Price Checking

Burdi compares each product code with your supplier’s most recent or “best buy” price, flagging any overcharges or potential mistakes.

Recomended Pricing

Compare your on-sell prices with the industry average so you know that you aren’t undercharging or overcharging.

Price Variation Reporting

Add purchase price increases to a report that you can query with your supplier.

Fixed Margin

Set your margins to maintain profit regardless of supplier price increases.


Automatic Syncing

Each line of your invoice will transfer across to Xero, along with a copy of the relevant invoice.

One Click Approval

Once imported by Burdi, your draft bills are ready for approval with one click.

Default Coding

Apply a GL code, Category and Tax Code to the whole invoice or each line item based on the supplier and/or product code.

Get Going Fast

Our intuitive software allows you to get up and running with your accounts payable in minutes. Simply start sending your supplier invoices into Burdi and our proprietary data extraction technology will extract your data in real time.


Import Materials

Burdi will import each of the materials listed on your invoice to the correct ServiceM8 job number.

Automatic Markup

Burdi will apply your preferred margin to each item in ServiceM8 to ensure consistency.

Fast Quoting and Invoicing

Simply add labour to Burdi’s materials and send off to the customer for approval or payment.

Product Library

Burdi remembers the details of your previous sales and purchases so you have can quote and invoice accurately.

Other Integrations

We love making new friends! If there is another software or business tool that you would like us to integrate with, please reach out and we can explore the possibilities!

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