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Automatically send data where it needs to go, no more data entry!

Don’t pay more than you should for products and materials

Use the RRP industry average for all purchased materials

Ensure accuracy by reducing double-handling and human error

Get quotes and invoices out fast so you can get paid faster

Charge the right materials to the right customer at the right price

Save time by automating your workflow

Seamless integration with job management, accounting, and e-commerce tools

Ongoing training and support

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What It Does

Simple Data Entry

Price Variation Management

Quoting & Invoicing

Sale Price Management



Pricing & Account


Unique Email Address

Never lose an invoice again. Keep all invoices in one location with your unique Burdi email address that you and suppliers can use to send invoices straight to Burdi.

Smart Receipt Reader

Take a photo, forward an email or directly upload any invoice or receipt straight into Burdi.

Automatic Data-Extraction

Burdi uses machine learning and AI to accurately extract supplier details, individual line items including product codes, descriptions, quantity, unit of measure (UOM), totals and freight of any invoice.

Invoice Cross-Checking

Burdi’s smart reader will compare the sum of line items vs the invoice subtotal to ensure accuracy.  

Copies Of All Documents

Get copies of all invoices, receipts, credit notices emailed to a designated email address so you can store them wherever you like for peace of mind.

Manual File Uploader

Optional manual file upload. Manually upload any invoice, receipt or bill to store all supplier documents in one secure location. 

Supported File Types


Send Or Upload Multiple Invoices

Send multiple invoices from the same supplier in the same email or upload multiple invoices manually.

Review Invoices

Review the invoices uploaded and make any manual adjustments as necessary. 

Duplicate Detection

Be notified of duplicate invoices to prevent any double payments and errors.

Account And Tax Coding

Assign account and tax codes to individual products, suppliers or invoices which Burdi will then remember for your next purchase.

Easy Accounting

Burdi integrates with Xero.


Burdi will save your supplier invoices to your job management and accounting software (optional) to save for warranty.

Automatic Price Change Check

Burdi automatically screens your incoming invoices and compares each product-code with previous purchases from the same supplier, notifying you of any potential oversights and price increases.

Purchase Price Flexibility

You have the flexibility to choose to accept the new price provided by your suppliers, ignore the variation or add the variation to a report to be followed up later.

Flag Potential Oversights

Add any flagged price variations to a report which can be downloaded and emailed to your supplier for queries.  

supplier price variation management
Recommended Retail Price (RRP) Tool

Automatic mark-up of materials using industry averages across Burdi’s data to provide suggested on-sell prices. 

Catalogued Products

Burdi remembers your previous purchases and sales allowing for quick quoting.

Current Pricing

Burdi calculates the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) across all users every week so you can maximise profits whilst remaining competitive.

Seamless Integration

Quickly populate quotes and invoices with the materials you use, sending information straight into your job management and accounting software.

Projects Profit And Loss

Know if your project is on budget. Keep track of the items you’ve used on projects, allowing for accurate quoting in the future.

burdi automated software
Compare Your On-Sell Price

Compare your on-sell prices with other users in your industry to see if you are undercharging or overcharging for materials.

Automatic Safety Margin

Ensure your profit margin doesn’t dwindle with price increases.

Sale Price Flexibility

Set your own price for materials. If you don’t want to use Burdi’s RRP for your materials you can customise your own prices and use them as a baseline.

Pricing Categories

Mark-up products by a fixed or variable margin. 

Weekly Summary

Burdi will send you a weekly report of all activities, action items and purchase price variations.

Price Variation Reports

Generate price variation reports to send to suppliers to query purchases.


Receive notifications via email and in browser for items that require attention.

tradie invoice automation
Software We Integrate With

Data Syncing

Burdi will automatically transfer your data to your connected software, no more data-entry!

CSV Import And Export

CSV’s can be exported out of Burdi and into your selected job management and accounting software. Similarly, CSV’s can also be imported into Burdi from your selected business tools.

burdi automated software
Personalise Your Account

Upload your logo and business information to include on any reports.

Pricing Options

We have various pricing options to suit your needs.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees.

Control Notifications

Manage all of your email notifications.

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Phone And Email Support

We are available Monday – Friday; 8-5pm AEST. to answer any calls or email queries you have.

Training Videos & FAQs

Find the answers to your questions by watching our ‘How To’ videos or guides.

Mobile Friendly

Use Burdi seamlessly on mobile devices with Burdi’s responsive mobile display.

Cloud Storage

Access your documents anytime, anywhere.

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