Are you a Supplier?

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We value your support

Business wouldn’t survive without you and neither would we. Having experienced the world of trading ourselves, we understand the complex and ever-changing nature of your industry.

At Burdi, our goal is to help businesses across Australia save time and work more efficiently. We aim to eliminate the human errors that come with manual data entry and connect the industry through consistency. It’s our ultimate goal to create a win-win for businesses, customers, and suppliers alike, ensuring long-lasting relationships through the automation of data-entry.

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Benefits to partnering with Burdi

Clearer Communication

Allowing Burdi to flag any potential price oversights results in clearer communication between you and your customer

Build Stronger Client Relationships

Ensuring consistency and clear communication will help you build stronger relationships with your clients

Simple Data-Entry

We know CSV’s make your life a whole lot easier. Burdi can also help you reduce your data entry by converting all PDF’s and documents into a simple CSV for you to upload straight into your business systems.

What Burdi Does Not Do

We’ve talked a lot about what Burdi does do but we want to let you know what Burdi doesn’t do as we think it’s important for you to know.

Burdi Does NOT Offer Price Comparison Data Between Users

Burdi provides no comparison data between users around what they are paying for their products and supplies. Burdi has taken the deliberate action of not disclosing or sharing purchase pricing between users as we believe that this would risk losing the support of our valued customers and suppliers.

Burdi Does NOT Disclose Supplier Terms and Arrangements

We know that you have various terms which justify your prices such as volume purchased, both fixed and variable costs, and the long-term relationships you have with your clients. Due to this we believe it would be unethical for our users to know each other’s purchasing information when they are not privy to the information surrounding your terms and arrangements.

Supplier privacy is very important to us. If you have any questions we’d love to help.